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Citywide Garage Sale this weekend!

Post Date:05/09/2019 10:56 AM

Thousands of people will be driving around Nixa this weekend hunting for a good deal. Every year we get traffic from other states and around the Ozarks as people pour into Nixa for City Wide Garage Sale weekend.

This Nixa tradition is held on Mother’s Day weekend each year. The citywide garage sale runs Friday through Sunday. Normally, you have to get a permit from City Hall to hold a garage or yard sale (we limit each address to just 2 per year), but this weekend, we let anyone put on a yard or garage sale without a permit.

We ask drivers to be considerate of others, be careful of children running around, and please don’t park in such a way that you would block traffic or emergency vehicles from being able to get through a street.

Have fun and happy deal hunting!

2019 Citywide Garage Sale